"THE FUTURE, PASSED" - an original acrylic painting by Lance Russwurm


In 1949, AVRO CANADA successfully flew the very first medium range jet airliner in the world. It missed out by only a couple of weeks to the British Comet in being the first jet airliner of ANY kind to fly. It performed beautifully. Howard Highes was waving his checkbook, wanting to buy a bunch for his airline, TWA. It was almost 3 times faster than the DC-3s currently doing medium range runs. The American press admitted that the US had been scooped. So, what did we Canadians do?? Trans Canada Airlines cancelled their order, worried because they were "untried". They later ordered a fleet of turboprop Viscounts from Britain - with much inferior performance. The government cancelled the entire project, claiming that producing fighters for the Korean War was more important. (Not a single Canadian fighter ever made it to Korea) The prototype flew for a few more years as a test bed for various projects until it was finally ordered cut up for scrap - except for its nose section, which, last time I saw it, was sitting in the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa - right beside the nose section of Avro's other government- cancelled product - The fabulous Arrow. That stupidity was perpetrated by the Conservatives - it was the Liberals who cancelled the Jetliner.

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