FREY'S GARAGE is an early Ford dealer in Southern Ontario. He is located out behind Wilker's General Store and Fred's Fix-it shop in a small town by the railway tracks. His shed originally housed Chas Yost, carriage builder....a victim of the very automobiles that Frey now services and sells. It is an era in which there is only one Ford model, the "T", almost always in black. Several of these are in evidence around the place, in various stages of repair.

Amongst the articles of junk on the old, disused railway loading dock at the side is the remains of one of the buggies once built here. A customer pulling up to the grocery store still drives a buggy too. In rural areas like this, cars are by no means standard yet!

Lloyd Frey is working on his back under one of the cars, while Uncle Joe loafs nearby, giving advice, whether it's appreciated or not. Rip, the big old watchdog lifts his leg over a customer car, demonstrating his opinion of these newfangled devices.

I like my ideas for names to have a local feel. There really was a Chas Yost Carriage works and a Wilkers Grocery, both in Tavistock, Ontario. And, in Floradale, Ontario (near Elmira) there still exists today a Frey's Garage.

This diorama was built in early 2003 as an entrant in an online competition for a fine scale modelling group. There were virtually no rules beyond the fact that the diorama couldn't exceed 3000 scale square feet. The main building (the store) was a kit specially made for this contest by BTS. The other building was scratchbuilt. Both buildings have full interior detail and lighting. A bunch of Jordan models make the vehicles, and a zillion or so metal and plaster castings round out the picture.

I won first prize, which was a gift certificate for BTS products. They are beautiful kits....if I ever get time, I'll finish them!

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