"CHRISTMAS AT KILBRIDE" -1993 - an original acrylic painting by Lance Russwurm


Castle Kilbride, the jewel of Wilmot Township, Ontario, has a new lease on life. The Italianate Mansion, built in 1877 by industrialist, James Livingston is absolutely unique. After years with an uncertain future, the property was purchased by the township in 1993 and was restored to its former splendor. As a designated Heritage Site, it now serves as a repository of our architectural heritage and an addition on the back is now the home of Wilmot Township administration. Among its many intersting features are the numerous trompe l' oeil paintings and decorations on the walls and ceilings. Common enough in the nineteenth century, most of these in other buildings did not survive to the present.

Proceeds from the sale of a limited edition print made from this painting helped to fund the restoration. The print is sold out.

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