"KITCHENER CHRISTMAS PAST" - 1994 - an original acrylic painting by Lance Russwurm


For fifty years the old city hall in Kitchener, Ontario stood proudly as the focal point of the entire area. Its neo-classical ambiance was especially magical at Christmastime. Bedecked with colored lights, it served as a perfect backdrop to throngs of holiday shoppers, smiling as they braved downtown swirls of snow - long before the malls, long before someone decided that so-called urban renewal was necessary....

The building was demolished in 1973, the first blow to a downtown that has never really recovered.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of a print of this painting were donated to a fund to rebuild the clock tower (it had escaped the wreckers in '73) in Kitchener's Victoria Park. Today it proudly stands as a reminder of our past.

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